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Our Story

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From Coahuila To Tennessee

Having immigrated from Mexico to the United States during the 90s, Monica and Hector had always dreamt of owning their own business. In the year of 2008 their dream had come true when they opened their Latin Market. They first started serving tacos in a small section of their market and over the years they kept expanding their kitchen. Fast forward over a decade later and they now have expanded their restaurant La Laguna into its own entity apart. The market and the restaurant now both have their own respective locations just a few steps away from each other.  

Mexican Flag

Made to Order &
Delivered at Your Door

We provide fresh Mexican cuisine every single day for the great city of Clarksville. Can't stop in for a dine in meal? Order delivery with us today! We partner with DoorDash and Grubhub to get you authentic Mexican food to your doorstep! 

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