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Clarksville's Hidden gem

bringing the best mexican flavors to town

La Laguna

About us

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Monica Rivera


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Hector Sandoval


La Laguna was founded in 2009 by Monica Rivera and Hector Sandoval. Monica and Hector immigrated to the United States in the 90’s from Coahuila, Mexico. La Laguna’s first location was on 2801 ft Campbell Blvd Suite B. The suite was split into a small LATIN market and a small kitchen with a limited menu. Over time, the kitchen kept expanding and the suite next door was eventually leased to expand the business. Suite A contained the market, bakery, and butcher shop while suite B held the restaurant with expanded seating area. In July of 2022, the married couple were blessed to open their new location for their restaurant expansion just a few doors down from their original location. Because of their humble beginnings in Mexico, they strive to bring the best flavors from Mexico to the great community of Clarksville, TN

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Located at
2805 Ft. Campbell Blvd
Suite f



Located at
2801 Ft. Campbell Blvd

In 2022, La Laguna restaurant were able to expand into its own location only a few suites down the original location at 2801 ft. Campbell Blvd! The original location still holds the La Laguna market where you will find all of your latin groceries as well as the butcher shop, bakery, and candy section. La laguna market has even added a snack parlor where you can find delicious waffles, crepes, elotes, and so much more!


“Amazing staff, amazing food, easily beats every Mexican place in town! Oh yeah that guacamole was fire!"

- Google Reviews

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